Master Mantak Chia Seminar-New York City June 8-13, 2024









Seminar Location for Master Chia

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 All Seminars will be held at Home Studios located at 
873 Broadway Suite 410 between 18th & 19th Streets
(Nearest subway stop 14th Street Union Station)

Accommodations for Attendees

(Only 1 guest bedroom currently available. 
Call (212) 581-2640 for information)

(Conveniently located near Central park, Times Square, Hell's Kitchen and just 15-minutes by subway from seminar location.)

Practice Studio

We have an in-house studio to meditate, do Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and even a great sound system for relaxed listening or dancing pleasure! 

Living Room 

Our Living Room area right next to our studio has an right piano (if anyone plays), an 85 inch television, and in essence, a nice place to relax and chill.

Kitchen & Dining Area 

Enjoy your coffee each morning before class with New York bagels, or croissants,  and even prepare your lunch for the day, cook you evening meals. 

Call or Text (212) 581-2640 for more Information