Cultivating Sexual Energy: A Woman's Perspective

We have the ability to revitalize and refine our Sexual Energy,
To increase and transform it into my Life Force,
Capable of Healing, Evolving, and Connecting us with the very Source of Life itself.

-Richard Anton Diaz
(Certified Teacher with Master Mantak Chia)


Cultivating Sexual Energy: The Foundation

Part One: Solo Cultivation 

Cultivation of Sexual energy as practiced in Ancient China, provided trainings that promoted overall health, longevity, and spiritual well-being. 

These practices, when applied today in our modern culture, provide the most complete path in integrating our sexual energy with every aspect of of our lives.

In this training you will learn the theory and practice of Generating sexual energy, Redirecting & Circulating it within the body, and finally, Refining and Storing sexual energy back into the body. 

       What you learn with this Training:

  • Health Protocols for Sexual¬†Energy & Vitality
  • Safely Grounding¬†Sexual Energy in¬†your Body
  • Emotional Balancing & Management¬†
  • Connecting the Sexual Center¬†to the Brain¬†
  • Utiliziing Arousal & Non-Arousal Sexual Energy
  • Non-Arousal Orgasm¬†Activation
  • Redirecting,¬†Refining & Recycling, Sexual Energy
  • Expanding and Containing¬†Sexual Energy
  • Storing Sexual Energy back into¬†the¬†Body
  • Achieving the Stages 1 - 4 of Valley Orgasm



Part Two: Dual Cultivation

Dual (or partnered) sexual energy cultivation emphasizes the interaction of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies with a partner.

In this training you will learn the theory and practice of cultivating sexual energy with a partner, together, expanding rather than extinguishing the orgasmic sexual energy.


 What you learn with this Training:

  • Exchanging Sexual¬†Energy through the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Adhering to Key¬†Guidelines¬†for Practicing these trainings with a Partner

  • Able to observe and respond to the Women's Nine Levels of¬† Orgasm

  • Building¬†Orgasmic¬†Expansion¬†as the Man

  • Using Sexual Reflexology in Love making

  • ¬†Healing Ailments through Sexual Positions¬†

  • Achieving the Stages 5-6 of Valley Orgasm

  • Serving the Goddess as a God.

NOTE: There is no nudity or any form sexual contact but media materials may be shown for teaching purposes.
Practices are learned in class and practiced privately at home.


Mastering Sexual Energy For Men

Advanced Trainings & Practices 

(Prerequisite: Cultivating Sexual Energy Parts 1 & 2)

"Mastery is the continuous practice of a training until it is no longer a practice, but instead, a way of living Life"

Our Lives alternate between Life & Death. Birth is ultimately, not possible without the woman. Death, in our world, has become the power of the Man. For Life to continue, a new man needs to evolve. For that reason, this training was created sole for men.

Once the foundational trainings of Sexual Energy Cultivation (SEC) our learned, our sexuality begins to pervades every aspect of our lives. i.e. our body's health, relationships, family, career, our personal as well as our global communities, our spiritual identity, as well as our connection with the source of life itself. 

In this advanced training for men, we go deeper in our body awareness learning how to strengthen our sexual organs, increasing our ability to transmute our sexual energy in higher levels of consciousness and awareness that empowers us to create a more harmonious and compassionate world to bring future children into.

This Course is designed for men completing this training to get to teach other men.


What you learn with this Training:

  • Complete control though the mind of the Ejaculatory Response¬†

  • The ability to be fully present in any intimate and/or sexual event

  • The ability to¬†fully dissolve Orgasm into Consciousness¬†

  • To complete alignment to one's Father line.¬†

  • In full alignment¬†with one's Purpose and Destiny

  • The ability of the Spirit to leave and return back into the Body at will.¬†


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Conscious Loving Touch



Part One: Foundation

"Sex, indeed, has been called the highest form of touch. In the profoundest sense, touch is the true language of sex"
     - Ashley Montagu, Touching

Our very first sexual contact with another is always preceded by touch and regarded as foreplay leading to sexual intercourse. But when we bring our full awareness and consciousness into our touch, an endless expansion into an orgasmic is possible.

From that point forward, Nature's powerful directive to procreate is now in motion, and the confusion of sex for pleasure's sake is born. In the trainings and practices learned through Conscious Loving Touch, we learn how to expand and exchange sexual pleasure through conscious, loving touch rather than touch as foreply leading to intercourse.  
NOTE: There is no nudity or any form sexual contact in Part One. Explicit media materials may be shown for teaching purposes..

Part Two: Expanding & Exchanging Sexual Energy Through Touch 

(Prerequisite: Cultivating Sexual Energy Parts 1 & 2)

We now learn what is referred to as the Do-Date - an agreed upon Date where two people meet where one is designated as the DO-er (referred to as the Giver) and the other as the Receiver. Here we learn the actual touching techniques, and communication cycles, that make it possible to channel Sexual energy and experience higher states of sustained orgasm regardless of who is the Receiver or Gi\ver. 

NOTE: There IS nudity and sexual contact with your partners in this second part of the training.


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