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The quest for happiness, health, and wisdom, is universal...

 Whether you're seeking fulfillment in retirement, striving for success in your career, or embarking on the journey of adulthood, the wisdom of Taoism offers invaluable guidance for living a life of happiness, health, and wisdom in the modern world.

The roots of Taoist practices in China emerged around 1600 - 256 BCE. Early practices emphasized living in harmony with nature and and included elements of divination and reverence for ancestors. Today Taoist trainings and practices offer a time-tested path for holistic living that transcends the ages.

  • Living in tune with Life's movement
    Taoism teaches harmony with the natural order of Nature as well as the Universe. At its core, Taoism emphasizes the cultivation of inner peace, a life long dedication to health and longevity, and a virtuous and compassionate life for wisdom.

  • ¬†Achieve Balance and Harmony
    In today's fast-paced world, finding balance amidst chaos can seem like an impossible feat. Taoist trainings and practices offer methods to navigate life's challenges with grace and equanimity. We are guided to embrace the ebb and flow of existence, cultivate inner stillness, and harmonize our actions with the rhythm of the universe.

  • ¬†Cultivate Vitality and Well-Being:
    Your health is the foundation of a fulfilling life. The mindful movement practices like Tai Chi and Qigong to herbal remedies and dietary principles, unlock the secrets to vitality and longevity that have stood the test of time.

  • ¬†Attain Inner Wisdom and Clarity:
    Wisdom is not merely the accumulation of knowledge but the ability to see beyond the surface of things. The philosophical teachings of Taoism allow us to gain profound insights into the nature of existence and the human experience. By learning how to dwvelop an empty mind, one is better able to navigate life's complexities with wisdom and grace.

    Unlock the transformative power of Taoism and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Below are trainings and practices that will equip you with the tools you need to thrive in every aspect of life.

- Universal Healing Tao System -
Trainings & Practices

Through sitting, standing, and moving, meditational, practices, Taoists became more easily aware of both Nature on Erath as well and the Universe "in the heavens" thus increasing their ability to move and easily adapt through life with less effort and force and more in tune with the current of Life. Here are the most foundational of those practices.


Transforming Stress into Vitality

Taoist sitting meditations encourage practitioners to develop greater internal awareness and sensitivity to bodily sensations, energetic flows, and subtle movements of qi. This heightened awareness can deepen one's understanding of the body-mind connection and facilitate self-healing and self-transformation.


Strengthening the Body's Structural Integrity

Iron Shirt one of the major standing practices is a practice within Taoist energy arts aimed at cultivating internal strength, resilience, and vitality. They involve specific exercises and postures resulting in increased physical strength and resilience, better posture, balance, and coordination.


Greater Ease of Movement in Daily Activities

Tai Chi, is a centuries-old Chinese martial art that has evolved into a mind-body exercise practiced worldwide. It combines gentle, flowing movements with deep breathing and mindfulness to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Regular practice improves balance, coordination, and proprioception, reducing the risk of falls, especially in older adults. The gentle stretching and twisting movements in Tai Chi promote flexibility and joint mobility leading to greater ease of movement in daily activities.


Cultivating Sexual Energy

Taoist sexual trainings and practices, also known as the Healing Love, differ quite differently from how we typically view sex in Western culture. Taoism views sexual energy as a fundamental life force during one's lifetime and believe that's cultivation improves health, vitality, and  longevity. With the potential to create life itself, it's considered as the most potent self-activated energy we possess. Taoist practices aim to cultivate and preserve sexual energy, not by avoiding sexual activity, but rather by managing and transforming it. Body techniques and specific meditations are used alongside physical exercises resulting in a heightened awareness  and deeper connection with our sexual energy and our ability to conserve, expand, and transform it.

Complimentary Trainings & Practices

Traditional Chinese Medicine made Simple

Traditional Chinese Healing Arts

Plant medicine predates written human history as an approach to healing using herbs and foods to prevent and assist in the healing of various health conditions. Balance in a diet is unique for each person, and there is no one diet for everyone. Learn how to use whole foods ‚Äúas medicine‚ÄĚ to balance and regenerate internal organs and strengthen the immune system to help prevent disease. The Taoist way and the healing properties of whole foods, essentials of nutrition, food energetics, dietary guidelines, elimination diets, five-phase cooking and specific foods for organ imbalances.


Family Systemic Constellation

In the esoteric schools of Taoism a distinction is implied between Soul and Spirit. Where as the Spirit refers to that part of us that separates from the body at the time of death, the Soul is that part of us that we share through our family bloodline.  

Family Systemic Constellation, is a therapeutic approach that originated in the 20th century developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, that address the Soul.

In Family Constellation sessions, individuals or groups work with a facilitator to explore and address issues within their family system. The primary aim is to restore within the family, as well as the family's ancestry, the natural life dynamics that allow for the full expression of the Spirit in it's current relationship with the finite world.


Men's Circle

Men learning to master their sexual energy through the Taoist Healing love practices at some point must  redefine their place and purpose in the world. For men the sexual drive has been the dominating force oft times regardles s of the other equally important drives in his life. This requires uncovering the inner truth of each man that connects him to destiny and purpose.
 Socrates, known for his skillful use of questioning, instead of providing direct answers, is one of the basic premise of the Socratic method adopted into the ManEvolve men's discussion group. Answers are never given to anyone in the group. Only questions are allowed that are curious, and genuinely interested, in understanding one's current reality, beliefs and reasoning. The process goes further by employing a dialogue method that allows each man to arrive at a place of choice and empowerment to act or not act.


Founder of Man Involve...

Richard Anton Diaz

At the age of 27, I realized my true nature as an Infinite Being and needed to make an important  decision to live either a monastic life or a life fully engaged in the world as a finite body. I chose the latter and began, what would be a 25 year-long career, as a professional competition Ballroom dancer. Upon retiring in 1995 I immediately began studying Taoist teachings and training with Taoist masters, I was very attracted to the importance that Taoist placed on the body's health and longevity, its trainings and practices in sexual energy cultivation, and its formulation and conscious development and evolution of the Spirit. 

"Few things are worse than flying across the country to attend a long workshop, only to discover that the teacher is scattered or only vaguely grasping their topic. That’s the exactly opposite of Anton, who has lived and sees a fresh examination of our collective views on sexuality as vitally important to human evolution. Anton is one of the top crucial voices and educators in human sexuality."

- Scott Olgren,
CEO of E3 Live Nutraceuticals 

"Anton's wise council has been a transformational force in my life. He listens with the 6th sense which allows me to hear my authentic voice.  Often in my conversations with him I have come to an awareness of limiting beliefs that have been guiding my decisions and creating pain for many years. His presence allows me to become aware of the limitations that I impose on myself and shed them with love and grace.  I highly recommend Anton to anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship with themselves and their loved ones."

- Rita Gendelman,
Family Constellation facilitator

" As his student for many years now, Richard Anton Diaz has been an immense mentor, teacher, and instructor, that has had transformative impact in my life.

    He is a masterful and highly gifted teacher, a community leader, and man of great integrity and character. His disarming candor is a welcoming quality from other coaches I have worked with that equal his teaching skills, patience, and delivery, of the information as well as the being able to apply it."

- Alexander Galvez,
Body Building Trainer

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