Tai Chi Class in Central Park



 Every Saturday & Sunday
10am - 11am


Classes are FREE. Donations are welcomed!
(Note: Bring your Sun Glasses)
Directions to our Locations from Columbus Circle
(A, B, C, D and 1 trains to 59th Street/Columbus Circle station.

Join us every Saturday and Sunday morning in Central Park in Manhattan for FREE Tai Chi classes.
Saturday's Class is perfect for total beginners as well as those who wanting to review the complete short 4-Directional form.  
Sunday's Class goes into greater detail and refinement and personal correction and introduces Part One of the long form which consists of 108 movements.

These Tai Chi classes are perfect for all levels from Beginners to experienced Tai Chi practitioners and are taught in an easy-to learn method created by Richard Anton Diaz, founder of TaiChiMadeEasy method.

Directions to Locations in Central Park


Pinebank Arch

(Main Location)
This is our main location and a just 2-3 minute walk upon entering Central Parkfrom Columbus Circle.

Sometimes Alternate Location

(Near Entrance to Central Park)
This is our alternate  location immediately upon entering Central Park from Columbus Circle 

Columbus Circle Studio

(During Rainy Days)
We meet at our Columbus Circle studio. Address is provided by email and/or text when you RSVP.

Move with More Ease, Life with less Stress.

 Tai Chi Made Easy

10  Attributes Resulting From Tai Chi Practice

Self Discipline | Self Respect |Self Defense |Self Health & Healing Self Esteem|Self Love | Self Control | Self Confidence | Self Understanding | Self Awareness | Self Knowledge | Self Reliance | Self Fulfillment | Self Motivation| Self Determination

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